Everything Starts With An Idea

Everyone wants to be at a place where ideas become a reality. When you don’t have a map and don’t know how to get there, you need someone to show you the way. Most would say the same about Digital Marketing – it’s a jungle with no map and no way of knowing where to start or where to end. It always helps to have a guide who has traveled through the jungle already.

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What makes the difference between a good and a great experience is your knowledge of what is happening now. Digital Marketing Jungle holds events that discuss the big shifts happening online and offline, which business owners & executives need to be aware of, to market & grow their business more efficiently.

Hot Topics

Each month we offer new and fresh topics that are hot at the moment. Fill in our survey to let us know what you wish to hear more about.

Keynote Speakers

All our speakers are subject experts in their topic. We handpick them to ensure you get the best.


Every event is an opportunity for you to network. Bring business cards, your sense of humor, and your business challenges.




Let’s Create Your First Sales Funnel

Let’s Create Your First Sales Funnel Has creating an automated lead generating sales funnel been on your to-do list forever? Not sure where to start or how it works? Ready

7 Must Haves on Your Website in 2022

7 Must-Haves on Your Website in 2022. So getting your website design right is absolutely crucial if you want to succeed in 2020.  Moving forward 2 years. A lot has

FREE eBook Build Your Tribe

We give every person who attends one of our events a FREE eBook.

BUILD YOUR TRIBE: How To Build A Loyal Following On Social Media.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of the reasons we place a limit on the number of attendees. This allows us to offer an open forum style event. Our attendees have every opportunity to ask questions during the event.

Every speaker we invite to speak are subject experts in their fields and run their own business. We also encourage our speakers to provide a discounted offer to attendees who wish to work with them.

We always ask our speakers to have an offer for our audience. We also provide every member with one of our digital eBook. We also offer a FREE 45 minute digital marketing strategy session for you (values $150).

Unfortunately we do not video our events. We do this because our events have a space limited. This gives all attendees an opportunity to ask question & our speakers to provide solutions specific to their business.

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